Drug Addiction Treatment Program

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”64rnLG0PwvI” title=”The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs : Drug Rehab” upload_time=”2012-03-22T21:21:12.000Z” description=”At The Watershed addiction treatment and drug rehab center, we believe in recovery. https://www.thewatershed.com We believe that every addict and alcoholic”]
The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs : Drug Rehab, At The Watershed addiction treatment and drug rehab center, we believe in recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that every addict and alcoholic deserves the opportunity to be healed.

We believe in bringing health and hope back to families and sick and suffering addicts.

From the moment patients arrive, they receive acceptance, care, compassion, and professional excellence.

We work on making a bond, and instilling hope, and restoring some type of believe in the addict or loved one that they can heal, that they can recover.

One of the barriers for patients to escape active addiction is the fear of detox. We at The Watershed understand that and we have an excellent medical staff. Patients are cared for 24 hours a day by registered nurses. They are supported by our Behavioral Health Tech staff. And we’re able to withdraw them from drugs and alcohol in a safe and comfortable manner.

During the rehab phase of care, The Watershed provides therapy and enables patients to escape from old habits and wounds that bind them to addiction. We teach people to deal with the triggers that might cause them to relapse. We teach patients how to have fun again. We teach people how to live their lives without drugs.

Watershed offers the care the patient needs. Whether that care is detox in primary treatment in the rehab phase, or a full continuum of care that takes the patient all the way back to independent living. Watershed will individualize your treatment so that you get the care you need.

Most of the patients who come to The Watershed travel here from out of state. They come to the beautiful, sub-tropical environment of Palm Beach County, Florida and get away from their toxic home environments.

This is a center of excellence, and like any other disease, people want to travel to where the treatment is best.

Our full time staff who are dedicated only to Watershed patients enable us to focus on individualized care, to get down to the core and the root issues of each patients problem; to understand our patients as individuals.

No matter how hopeless your situation seems right now, you should choose The Watershed; you should come today. We have seen thousands and thousands of patients recover from this seemingly hopeless state of mind and body.

Addicts can recover. Addicts do recover. They recover and they reach their dreams. Dreams they never even knew were possible.

There’s no need to stay in addiction. There’s no need to watch your loved one die.

As a leading drug treatment center our aim is to ensure that you receive the care and support required for you to find your way out of the struggle that drug and alcohol addiction brings to you and your family.

The time to get help is now. Call The Watershed: 888-563-2312,

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  1. I wanted to know whether ur organisation is interested in opening De Addiction Centers in India. There is a lot of demand for quality health services for Alcohol & Drug Addicts here. I really like ur organisation's treatment of giving respect & dignity to the addicts .. Good Work Guys!!! 

  2. That girl at 0:45 has some really sexy glasses and she's incredibly HOT!

    I want to marry a girl like her someday

  3. I got up to doing 10 lines of pot every day, I was out of control! I robbed from my parents, beating up my teachers and authorities and then I went into rehab last year and it was the best thing I ever did! Clean and sober now for two years now, you can too!

  4. I am a alumni and I couldn't have did it with out The Watershed. I have my sobriety and life back.Thank you so much

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