How Can I Know If I Am An Alcoholic

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”QYz0Clitxx4″ title=”Signs of Alcoholism — 4 Signs that Could Surprise You!” upload_time=”2014-06-12T15:02:44.000Z” description=” Click on the link above for a free awesome video guide to using supplements and alternative medicine. Today I’ll be sharing with you”]
Signs of Alcoholism — 4 Signs that Could Surprise You!,

Click on the link above for a free awesome video guide to using supplements and alternative medicine.

Today I’ll be sharing with you the top signs of alcoholism the negative effects of it, and thoughts about treatment . A little while ago I wrote a article about something called vodka therapy. Turns out that vodka can be used for all kinds of healthy things such as cleaning wounds as an antiseptic, and a antibiotic.

There is one big problem with vodka therapy, and I’m sure you can guess what it is. It’s not difficult for someone to abuse the drink and harm themselves with it. Alcoholism is when someone turns an alcoholic drink, which can be a positive thing if used correctly, into a negative experience by abusing it.

One of the most common signs of alcoholism is that someone can not give up drinking or stop drinking. Most people like to have a few drinks occasionally, but you know when it becomes a real problem.

They could also experience withdrawal symptoms of not having alcohol. When someone drinks a lot of alcohol for a long period of time it changes the way the brain transmits messages. Almost like it adapts to the alcohol. This is why someone can have a tolerance to a drug so overtime they need more of it to get the same affect.

Alcohol triggers parts of the brain that make someone feel good and relaxed, so when someone stops using this drug can you guess what happens? Yea the opposite thing happens in which case a person can be irritable, morose, have excess sweating, a lot of anxiety including body tremors and even seizures.

Apart from withdrawal signs a person with this disease can of course experience physical symptoms. This could be weight loss, an upset stomach and showing more redness on a person’s nose and cheek.

The reason for this redness is broken capillaries. Having too many intoxicating drinks increases blood pressure causing veins in the face to dilate. As you can imagine if a person keeps dilating this veins they could become locked in that position creating that redness look.

Another physical sign would be something called jaundice. Do you know what that is? In a nutshell it makes someone’s eyes and skin more yellowish due to liver failure. Next up it could weaken the immune system bringing about all sorts of physical symptoms.

One of them could be psoriasis where too many skin cells grow in one place resulting in a white, thick looking skin in an area. If that wasn’t enough a person could bruise easily, there could be spider veins, a person may have swollen eyelids and I can’t forget about problems in the bedroom.

If I haven’t persuaded you from not indulging in too much alcohol next up is physiological problems, which can be much worse then the physical symptoms. According to psych central 30 to 50% of alcoholics suffer from depression. It’s also no surprise that drinking too much can increase the chance of someone committing suicide. I had a neighbor who’s wife left him. Well, he got really drunk took a shotgun and the rest of the story wasn’t very good.

Oh, and then there is problems with the law including driving while intoxicated, work problems, family problems and it’s no wonder that the United States government tried to outlaw alcohol during prohibition. Of course that helped to create so many gangsters and violence.
Stopping someone’s destructive habit of consuming too much alcohol can take a lot of physiological work. The first step, which can be the hardest is admitting there is a problem.

Even after someone stops drinking alcohol they still need to repair the damage they did to their bodies. One tool that can be incredibly helpful is dietary supplements. There are tons of herbal remedies and natural medicines that can help the body and maybe even the mind recover.

The best thing about dietary supplements is that not only can they be less expensive than prescription drugs, but have much less severe side effects. Can you guess what the bad news with dietary supplements is?

For starters they can be confusing and the industry is not as regulated as pharmaceuticals. This really means that government agencies in many countries don’t ensure these products are safe before they are sold.

To make things easier for you, I have created a report and video guide on this topic. This guide shares tips on shopping for supplements, it simplifies herbal remedies and even talks about some strange alternative health remedies that actually work.

Oh, in case your nervous it’s going to cost you a bunch of money, you will be happy to know it’s completely free. You can learn more about this free video guide by clicking on the link,

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  1. I'm not tryin to dispute anything you said in this video, but I'm wondering, are you an alcoholic?

  2. is waking up in a roach infested 8th street miami motel with no clothes on and no memory of the night before a sign of alcoholism?? also, the little puppet guy from Saw is in the corner asking me to play a game… plz advise

  3. hi can you tell me if alcohol is so full of calories why are alcoholics so thin

  4. I've been researching into stopping drinking and discovered a fantastic website at Sebs Magic Tactic (check it out on google)

  5. I came down with bad mental problems, depression etc at 19. Was a big mental breakdown, I was on benefits for years because I was just lost basically. I still have bad social anxiety but I've picked myself up and got a job and forced myself to work. It's now or never. I needed alcohol in my 20'z to have a social life, it was either have a social life with alcohol or just isolate myself. I don't drink a dangerous amount in comparison to some but I've never been able to truly rid myself of the lust to drink. It's like a liquid that after a very stressful day at work, not just the job but the social anxiety, it is relaxing, but i can get carried away often.

  6. No benefit to drinking alcohol. Alcohol destroys hormone signaling in the body at the very least. Alcohol is a hard drug.

  7. Look what it did for you. You can't pronounce capilliary and all your hair fell out! I had my first drink at 15 and I loved it. I had my last drink one minute ago and I loved it. I am now 67 years old. I am fit, healthy and not in any way psychotic apart from watching sanctimonious vids like this.

  8. The original gateway drug. If it was invented yesterday, it would be classified as a schedule 1 drug. There are no benefits to alcohol in any quantities. If you consume alcohol you are an alcoholic. That simple.

  9. I wish I could be drunk all the time, without drinking. Like the feeling but not the shit that comes with it: hangover, embarrassment, empty wallet…

  10. alcohol is a TOXIN ; the most dangerous drug out there ; Stop using ; your life will improve

  11. Many people drink excessively without realizing it. Eg. A large glass or two of wine each night.
    The best indicator
    in the UK: If you regularly drink more units than is recommended by the health service & find it hard to keep below this limit, then you do have a serious problem with alcohol. At this level it WILL be affecting your health, brain functioning & relationships – even though you may be blissfully unaware.

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