Alcoholism Treatment Centers

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”e4jZ1KRLQO4″ title=”The 3 Stages of Rehab Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers (How it Works)” upload_time=”2014-09-15T14:49:23.000Z” description=”Call Today To Receive Help: 1-800-501-3098 Now accepting United Healthcare PPO Health Insurance Visit for more great videos”]
The 3 Stages of Rehab Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers (How it Works), Call Today To Receive Help: 1-800-501-3098

Now accepting United Healthcare PPO Health Insurance

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19 Replies to “Alcoholism Treatment Centers”

  1. I find it interesting that these rehab corporations are quick to brag about their success rates, but they don't give your money back and they don't get any credit if the patient relapses after the program.

  2. It's very hard to watch, but the video is an excellent material to convince someone that he/she needs the help.
    Thank you for sharing…

  3. Addiction strikes without warning? YOU'RE FULL OF SHIT!! There have been BILLIONS of warnings about ALL these. And these STUPID bastards ignored EVERY ONE!! But YOU don't care. YOU make HUGE BUCKS bottom feeding off these clowns. And billing it to the taxpayers. YOU Are SCUM!!!

  4. I've slowed down my alcohol consumption. An occasional glass (single) with a meal, always with other people. Contrast this with a pint of whisky at the end of every week. Good scotch whisky too!! I had expensive tastes and they almost ruined me. It was a call to a gambling center that pulled me out of the hole I was digging myself further into. The fella on the other end revealed that these 'pokies' were designed from the ground up to be appealing, engaging and inevitably addicting. [The amount reimbursed into the community is such a pissant amount it's an insult.] This got me thinking.

    This got me thinking.

  5. Someone for some reason posted this on my page. I drink in moderation (and can't drive period since 2000 due to my health – diabetes and aspergers syndrome) and never even once touched an illegal drug – even marijuana and have no desire to. I don't smoke either.

  6. #Lt. Vixen I hear and understand your synergistic approach for continuity of care that omits key components in a holistic recovery plan. However I equally hear and feel your frustration too which has manifested itself into cynicism and despair. Do not give up the fight or the belief that something can and will happen if you believe and have a mindset to do so.

    I have to fulfil certain contractual obligation right now but when I return we can discuss this and other point further if you wish too. Remember though synchronistic events happen because there is a need. Moreover a humanistic moralistic duty that needs championing, creating and/or ratifying. @Lets Try

  7. It's called natural selection. The people who are too stupid to understand in this day in age that drugs can kill you despite all the labels on bottles and the fact that most schools are promoting the shit out of trying to teach the snot nosed little bastards that drug abuse can kill you, then you can't blame that on "he didn't get enough help."

  8. for whatever reason this video was posted on my channel. i never drank alcohol or had anything to do with it so.. why?

  9. I started smoking weed in the 1970s, at the very tail end of being a cop, out of the evidence locker, and it was ruining my life.

  10. So called treatment centers are greedy money making centers . They will kick you out when your insurance runs out . This video is just an ad for treatment centers ! Rehabs have a 90% failure rate of getting people sober

  11. I wish this bullshit channel would stop spamming me with their videos , they must really need the money from the rehabs!

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