Alcohol Dependence Vs Abuse

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”d_LmS3dXW2E” title=”The Difference Between Alcohol Abuse and Being an Alcoholic” upload_time=”2014-05-06T14:20:29.000Z” description=”Dr. Susan Fletcher of differentiates between an alcoholic and alcohol abuse. If you are suffering or know someone who might be suffering;”]
The Difference Between Alcohol Abuse and Being an Alcoholic, Dr. Susan Fletcher of differentiates between an alcoholic and alcohol abuse. If you are suffering or know someone who might be suffering; watch this video.,

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  1. As one who abuses alcohol and comes from a family with many alcohol addicts i foúnd nothinhg new. But it was nice to get it explained in a non-judgemental way. Thank you.

  2. if you're lying about your drinking and it's hurting your personal or professional life. that's not alcohol abuse. that's alcoholism. that person maybe a functioning alcoholic but an alcoholic nonetheless. you make it seem like the first type of people you talked about can safely drink. that's not true at all. I am a recovering alcoholic. are you an alcoholic or are you just talking about what you've read in a book?

  3. What about the people who can't afford to see a doctor, psychiatrist, or physician because of Obama's America? I am a 1 1/2 year recovering alcoholic and you just scare and dissappoint me lady. Some people don't have the luxury of calling a doctor because if their problems and your solution is to spend more money on this bullshit. Well, Im glad I diddnt pay a penny to see a doctor for my addiction, I instead gave my problems to God and had a loving supporting family to back me up. Shut the fuck up you fat bitch. I wonder how you even went to school to get that PhD of yours, mommy and daddy help you out with getting that silver spoon in your mouth?

  4. I abuse alcohol. I use it and have used it for many years. to make me feel better. I can go (reluctantly) for a week without drinking. I feel shitty for it but on the othe hand I feel better! It is a habit with me and one that makes me feel good about myself. I come from an addictive family. My Moms side are full of alcoholics. all died at a young age. My mum being one that bever touched booze but was brought up by a normal mum turned alcoholic with abusive stepfather scenario etc. My oldest sibling is a registered alcoholic aswell as my youngest brother.. both from same dad. Me? I have a diferent dad to my siblings yet I abuse alcohol too! My dad is a huge drinker.. my life since I was born revolves around drink, for me I have to keep my problem with drinking aside.. my mother says its a selfish disease and we choose this way… NO no fucking way. She is delusional hence why I cant ever tell my mum about my drink problem. I am normal eh.. I have a husband, 2 children a good job… I could easily slide into an alcoholic shipwreck and lose everything! I barely hold it together. I am a good mum and I will NOT ever subject my kids to alcohol related shite. I live alone in this. I HAVE to speak to my mom. I need her to realise its a fucking disease that easily grips you just like any other drug out there!

  5. The question I am going to ask my mom is why do you think half your family are alcoholics and why your daughter and son are too when you have never touched alcohol? x

  6. Sooo…. ONLY dependence on alcohol makes you alcoholic? Sorry, but you are way wrong lady. Anyone who takes measures to control their drinking are usually alcoholic. Drinking when you don't want to usually means you're an alcoholic. It's not JUST the physical dependence. It is progressive. However, it can be seld diagnosed before dependence.

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  8. alcohol abuse disorder/// who cares. leave em' alone! this is all about getting 'treatment' for $35,000. I had to deal with a lady like this in the military — threw me in treatment i did not want and insisted i never drink again a single drop. Absolute bullcrap forcing someone into treatment. If they want it fine. If they don't, back off. No DUI, no work problem… just butt out.

  9. I am what i like to call a functionig alcoholic. I hav a good job, mantain good relations, even go to church and in good shape

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