Alcohol Dependence Dsm 5

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”Bony1eHJ6eQ” title=”Overview of DSM-5 New Diagnostic Criteria for Alcohol Use Disorder” upload_time=”2013-06-13T16:10:26.000Z” description=””]
Overview of DSM-5 New Diagnostic Criteria for Alcohol Use Disorder,,

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  1. This was good, and I appreciate some of the anecdotes. But I hope that as science and substance-use issues catch-up to each other in this field, there will be less slogans, anecdotes and folk-wisdom and more science and reason.
    The axiom that "addiction is a progressive disease" has been shown to be false; problem drinkers can stay problem drinkers and go back to non-problematic drinking, and millions of people drink in a way that borders problematic drinking and never crosses over. 
    Lastly, "anything that causes a problem, is a problem"? What about love? What about the desire to feel safe? What about eating food? Having sex? Like most 12-Step wisdom, this statement makes for a catchy saying but grossly underestimates, and drastically oversimplifies, what it means to be a human being.

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